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Win Totals From 5Dimes Are Out, Where Did They Go Wrong?

All 128 FBS football teams over under win totals were released yesterday by 5Dimes.

Butch Dill/Getty Images

The good (or bad) news for SEC gambling degenerates, or people who just like looking at predictions, is that 5Dimes released over under win totals for all 128 FBS teams today.  These predictions don't necessarily mean that the oddsmakers think teams with the same over under are even teams, since strength of schedule and other factors are taken into account.

SEC West

Alabama 9.5

Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss 8.5


Texas A&M 7.5


SEC East

Georgia 9

Florida, Missouri, Tennessee 7.5

South Carolina 7

Kentucky 6

Vanderbilt 3

A few observations:

Getting over seven wins is certainly possible, but MSU is going to have to beat a few very good teams just to go 8-4.  MSU should be favored in at least five games, (the out of conference games and Kentucky).  If MSU won three more, they would probably come at home against LSU, Ole Miss, or on the road against Missouri or Texas A&M.  Winning three of those four would be impressive.  The Alabama and Arkansas games appear to be the most difficult ones on the schedule.

Alabama and Auburn fans are going to be very angry if they don't exceed these predicted win totals.

I would be surprised if the SEC West didn't have the smallest gap in the first to last place predicted win total.  This site didn't list win totals by conference division, so I don't know which divisions had the smallest gap between first and last.

Vanderbilt's over under is really low, but it is warranted.  All of their out of conference opponents are expected to go to a bowl game except for Austin Peay.  I would take the over if I was forced to pick one.

Apparently yet another group of people have low expectations for the SEC East.

The oddsmakers got lazy with South Carolina and gave them a win for every ten years Spurrier has been alive.

Where did the oddsmakers make mistakes?  I'll revisit this poll during the boring period in between the end of the conference championship game and bowl season.