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Embrace Being The Underdog

Many preseason predictions expect us to stumble and fall and we're okay with that.

It seems to be a regular event lately for various, major media outlets to predict MSU to finish anywhere from 5th to last in the SEC West. And, I completely understand being frustrated with these predictions. They seem completely off base. And many of them are. But at this point, I don't care. And here's why:

Besides the whole problem of trying to predict college football, a sport that is wildly unpredictable, many of these media members simply don’t look at MSU in a fair light. We aren’t a glitzy, blue-blood program. Much of our history is mediocre, at best. Many of our recruits have historically been 2-3 stars from the various backwoods and small towns of Mississippi. So, naturally we don’t seem to get a lot of hype. To the rest of the sports world, we’re a cow college in a nobody town. Well, I say that we continue to embrace it.

People are always going to look down on us. Nobody will take us seriously. Let’s be happy with being the underdog. Let’s enjoy the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t know how good we can be. This past season, we took the SEC and entire college football world by storm. We were the first team to be ranked #1 in the inaugural College Football Playoff and ran with that for weeks. Nobody knew how good that team was going to be preseason. The various magazines and talking heads of the college sports world expected us to stumble and fall the entire season. The team proved them wrong.

And while I don’t know exactly what this season will hold for MSU, I certainly don’t expect us to be in the bottom half of the SEC West. I don’t think many people associated with or knowledgeable of Mississippi State’s football team would expect worse than 4th in the west this coming season.

So, next time you see us ranked last in the West, go ahead and be happy with the underdog role. Completely embrace it. There are media members out there that don’t seem to care about how good Mullen is at developing players or the fact that we have the best quarterback in the conference returning or how talented and deep our receiving corps and backfield are. They don’t care that we won 10 games last season when many of them predicted us to lose 8. They’ll only look at the holes MSU has to fill. Go ahead and make predictions, they're fun to do, I'll probably discuss my predictions soon. But don't expect people who aren't familiar with the Bulldogs to understand how good this team can be. And don't take their words to heart.