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Scott Stricklin Called Out Clay Travis On Twitter

MSU's awesome athletic director called out notorious blogging a-hole Clay Travis on Twitter.

Scott Stricklin is an incredible athletic director. Mississippi State athletics have seen unparalleled success and prosperity during his tenure and today he gave us yet another reason to love him.

Blogger/media personality Clay Travis has made a living pissing people off. Specifically, SEC fan bases. Even more specifically, Alabama fans. Today, Mr. Travis tweeted this sweeping generalization about all collegiate athletic programs:

Texas is being accused of letting players on their men's basketball team cheat on academics in order to remain eligible, and Clay Travis appears to believe that every school in America does this as well. Scott Stricklin disagrees whole-heartedly and will not stand for his institution being so carelessly maligned:

After being told who the boss is, Travis then back-tracked and complemented Stricklin on his savvy use of technology:

Stricklin kindly gave Travis an unwarranted pat on the back and everyone walked away happy.

The longer we have Scott Stricklin as AD, the more it's apparent that the guy is not only great at his job and incredibly in touch with technology and how to get fans engaged, but he's just a cool dude in general. Lest we forget this amazing Twitter moment when Scott slammed Ole Miss' AD Ross Bjork:

Strick is the man.

Scott Stricklin

Photo credit to FWTCT's very own Matt Tyler