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You Can Buy A Benardrick McKinney Toy Figurine

Is this legal?

In my endless scouring of the internets, I stumbled upon something interesting today. A company called Oyo Sports that makes toy figurines (that look suspiciously similar to LEGOs) for tons of different pro and collegiate teams. I noticed that they had things for every SEC team including Mississippi State and when I looked to see what they offered for MSU, I found this:

Benardrick McKinney Toy Final

A Benardrick McKinney figure. I assume they're allowed to make and sell this because McKinney no longer plays for MSU and is now in the NFL but it's still weird. To their credit, it appears Oyo is officially liscensed by the NCAA, so theres no foul play.

In addition to Benardrick, there were also these offerings:

Bulldog Toy

A mutant humanoid version of Bully named "The Bulldog" and...

Ultimate Fan Toy

The "Ultimate Fan" who, in fact, is not so ultimate as the figure doesn't even come with a cowbell accessory. And you can also buy a set that comes with a whole end zone and goal posts and three nameless MSU players to play with.

In all honesty, this is pretty cool. I wish I had LEGO-style football figurines to play with when I was kid. All we got was a pile of dirt and a shovel. Dangit, kids these days don't know how good they have it.