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Happy Father's Day | Favorite Mississippi State Bulldog Memories with Dad

What are you favorite dad related memories of Mississippi State?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there in the land of the Maroon and White!  We hope you are having a great day remembering stories of getting lost on vacation, not being able to get the Christmas lights to work and finding yourself a little too worked up over a sporting event.  We also hope you are enjoying stories of all the awesome things you have done as a dad or with your dad.

What are some of your favorite dad related moments when it comes to Mississippi State?  Was it the first game you went to with your dad or perhaps the last time y'all went to a game?  Was there an experience that you couldn't believe you got to spend with your dad or a child.  Maybe your dad is an Ole Miss fan and you got to see the shock on his face during the 1999 Egg Bowl?

As we all know, Mississippi State does not have fans, it has family.  Share some stories with us today.