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Most Exciting Mississippi State Bulldogs Football Games for 2015 | No. 12 Northwestern State Demons

Games against FCS schools has become a bit of an accepted practice in the SEC, but they do not make for fun contests.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Only a few seasons in recent Mississippi State football history can compare to the excitement of the 2014 season.  Never before had Mississippi State seemingly played so many big games, especially in order as they did against LSU, Texas A&M and Auburn, and never before had the Bulldogs claimed the No. 1 ranking during the course of the season. Those reasons alone help last year stand out on the excitement level.  Perhaps only 1999, which saw the Bulldogs jump out to a long undefeated streak while winning close games and looking like a legitimate threat to go undefeated, unlike 2012, compares to the excitement of the 2014 season.

Many fans suspect the Bulldogs have the talent to pull a repeat of 2014 during the 2015 season.  Without a doubt there will be many exciting games for Mississippi State, but a few games will fail to generate much buzz.

The game most likely to generate the least excitement among MSU fans will take place on September 19 when the Bulldogs host the Northwestern State Demons.  The game already had the feel of a letdown, and the announced kickoff time of 3pm did nothing to help it.

Fans also know that players such as Dak Prescott will likely only play about half of the game.  Barring a game that is staying way too close for way too long, Prescott and most of the first team on both sides of the ball will be out of the contest just minutes into the second half, if not before.  I have a feeling that many fans will use that as their cue to exit as well.

The timing of the game on the schedule begs fans to overlook it.  The Bulldogs will clash with LSU the week before in Starkville in a game that can go a long way towards legitimizing the 2014 season.  The following week, the Bulldogs travel to Auburn.  All in all, the game sets up as nothing more than a glorified scrimmage in the hot sun with no homecoming festivities or anything else of excitement going on at the same time.

Every now and then these games hit the schedule and give Bulldog fans a reason to check out soccer or volleyball matches.  Though the volleyball schedule is yet to be released, the soccer schedule shows that Mississippi State will be on the road the weekend of the contest, opening SEC play at Arkansas.

Hot weather, terrible kickoff time, and a likely beat down makes this the game most Bulldog fans are most likely to be agreeable to missing.