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Mississippi State Athletic Programming to Take over SEC Network in July

The Bulldogs will be the entire focus of 24 hours of programming on the SEC network in early July.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Mississippi State Bulldogs took over the number one ranking in college football, and on July 6, Dan Mullen and Dak Prescott will lead the Maroon and White in a 24 hour "takeover of the SEC Network according to a release from Mississippi State.

The station will devote the entire 24 hours to Mississippi State athletics.

Among the possible programming will be classic games, films, ESPN original content and some school-produced content.  The complete schedule will be announced on July 2.

Perhaps the most intriguing ideas for the programming are the classic games and school-produced content.  While all Mississippi State fans would have different classic games to watch, a few jump out including Mississippi State's victory over No. 1 Alabama in 1980, the Bulldogs' take down of No. 3 Florida in 2000, the amazing end of the 1999 Egg Bowl and other games from basketball and baseball as well.  One interesting note is that the re-airing of NCAA postseason games in nor permitted by the NCAA, so they will not be shown during the takeover.

With so many different stories that could be told and so many exciting games from the past, the takeover should make for an exciting 24 hours for Mississippi State fans.

Each SEC program will have a turn at taking over the SEC Network during a two week period.