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Alabama's Nick Saban Absolutely Correct about NFL Draft Grades

Nick Saban's talk about his players receiving draft grades may have sounded like whining, but he was right.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While mentioning that many of his players receiving draft grades contributed to Alabama's performance against Ohio State in last year's Sugar Bowl soynding like excuse making to many, Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban hit the mark in saying that the draft declaration process needs to wait until after the college football season concludes.

All of the dates set by the NFL concerning the draft are arbitrary. The league could set them for any time. With that being the case, why should players be given such a short window to receive draft grades and declare for the draft of leaving college early? These players, especially ones in high profile bowl games, must now contend with the pressures associated with the game plus their pressure of making a decision about their careers. It is not necessary for them to do so. If tr NFL pushed its draft grade dates and the deadline to declare for the draft back, players could focus on the game at hand and then make the biggest decision of their careers.

While Saban mentioned the issue, other schools face it as well. As Mississippi State fans remember, the Bulldogs coped with an Orange Bowl day announcement that Josh Robinson would turn pro, and speculation about Dak Prescott's future loomed large befote, during, and after the Orange Bowl.

It's good for the players. It's good for college football. It will not hurt the NFL, so let's hope the league listens to Saban.