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Pair of Former Mississippi State Bulldogs Claim Gold Medals in International Federation of American Football World Championships

Everyone knew the United States would dominate the competition. That still didn't make it any less awesome to see two former Bulldogs snag the gold.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The International Federation of American Football hosted its world championships, and the United States walked away as the champion for the third time in as many competitions featuring an American squad by knocking off Japan 59-12 in the Gold Medal game. You only thought the US Women's National Team victory over Japan in the Women's World Cup was ugly.  For Mississippi State fans, the win takes on an even better feel as former Bulldog players Dylan Favre and Nick Griffin contributed to the victory for the Red, White, and Blue.

The United States swamped all of its foes by some pretty outstanding numbers on the way to victory. Just the scores of the games lets you know how much the Americans dominated the competition.  In early play, the United States defeated Mexico 30-6 and knocked off Japan 48-13.  However, in the semifinal, the United States beat France 82-0 in a beating that recalled shades of John Heisman coaching the Georgia Tech Engineers to a 222-0 victory over Cumberland.

Envisioning a day where the United State does not dominate football might be one of the most difficult challenges for a fan.  Yes, it eventually happened in baseball, but no one comes close to the United States in football.  Even in this competition, current NFL, CFL and NCAA Division 1 players could not participate.  If the rest of the world started catchup up, allowing these players would quickly slam the door shut.  It's delightful, really.

Again, congrats to two players who once wore the Maroon and White!