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Most Exciting Mississippi State Bulldog Football Games of 2015 | No. 9 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

Homecoming in Starkville takes us to the next game on our most exciting games of 2015 countdown

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Homecoming in Starkville always marks a great occasion for Bulldog fans to travel back to campus to make it to a football game.  As recently as two years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of homecoming being a big deal.  I just never really bought into that idea, but over the past year, I have been able to have my mind changed a bit about the topic as I actually took the time to listen to people and see what homecoming meant to them.

For some, it has been the joy of seeing their child or a family friend be a member of the homecoming court.  For other friends, it was that they get to relive the time they were on the court and stood on the field.  I spoke to former band members that enjoy going back to see everyone else from the band and participate in another chance at playing on the field.

I get it. I was wrong about homecoming.  It is more than a weekend to watch MSU beat up on a paid for victory. It really is an opportunity to enjoy the times that MSU folks shared with others while they were in Starkville. Who knows, maybe I'll go knock on the door of apartment 127 at College Station just to see what is happening in my old stomping grounds.

As to the actual game itself, this should not be too much of a contest, but the Bulldogs from Ruston could provide a bit of a challenge to Mississippi State.  The squad finished 2014 at 9-5, losing by three points to Marshall in the C-USA championship and followed that up by defeating Illinois in the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl. They also hung a 76-spot on Rice.

When this Louisiana Tech team was good last year, they were good.  When they were bad, they were bad as a loss to Northwestern State proves.

Louisiana Tech had a strong secondary in 2014, and that should be a key contributor to their team in 2015, making it interesting to see how Dak Prescott, De'Runnya Wilson, Fred Ross and company will matchup in that area.  Of course, the Louisiana Tech defense also lost its defensive coordinator, a person you may know in Manny Diaz.  Seeing the matchup of Diaz's Maroon and White defense against his former Bulldog defense will be interesting to watch as well.

The Louisiana Tech game provides story lines inside of the game, and that should add a little intrigue to this one.  I see the squad from Ruston pushing Mississippi State early before the Maroon and White pull ahead to a comfortable win.