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An Early Look at Mississippi State Bulldogs and the 2016 NFL Draft

Some say preseason polls are too early, so hey, let's look at 2016 NFL Draft Projections!

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Can you imagine Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott going to the New York Jets after his Bulldog career wraps up?  According to a few 2016 NFL Draft projections at, the Heisman contender may next be under center in New York. In all Prescott was just one of three Bulldogs getting attention as a first or second round draft candidate in the mock drafts.

Junior Chris Jones showed up in both mock drafts but very different positions.  In Walter Cherepinsky's mock draft, Chris Jones would join his former teammate Benardrick McKinney in Houston as it had him going at No. 18 overall to the Texans.  In the Charlie Campbell's mock on the site, things do not look as good for Jones, as he would go at the end of round two to the Green Bay Packers.

Campbell also added a third Mississippi State player, Will Redmond, to his mock draft.  He has the senior, tabbed by Mel Kiper as the best senior at his position, going in the second round to Miami with the 46th overall pick.

While both Cherepinsky and Campbell have Prescott going to the Jets, one has him going at No. 37 overall and the other at No. 39 overall.  This alone highlights some of the dangers in early, way early, draft projections.  As of right now, no one even has an idea of what the draft order will look like in 2016, and no one even really knows which juniors will declare early.

It is a lot of fun to read and speculate, but it is way to early too get to down or too excited over the projections.