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Biggest Recruiting Steals by Mississippi State's Dan Mullen? Bulldog Sports Radio's Robbie Faulk and Joel Coleman Take a Look

Dan Mullen has proven to be great at finding diamonds in the rough and polishing them into top notch players.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State never gets the highest of marks for its recruiting, but the Bulldogs always seem to find just the players they need.  During his time in Starkville, Dan Mullen has proven to be a coach who can recognize talent early and find diamonds in the rough to polish at Mississippi State. Robbie Faulk and Joel Coleman took a look at the top recruiting steals of Mullen's time at Mississippi State. The whole show is worth a listen, but the recruiting talk starts around the 19 minute mark.

Here's a fun game.   Write down how many two and three star player Mullen found that now play or will soon play in the NFL.  The list is impressive.  Which of his steals has been your favorite?