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Most Exciting Mississippi State Bulldog Football Games of 2015 | No. 8: Arkansas

The Bulldogs travel to Fayetteville for what will likely be a cold, physical football game.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Mississippi State Bulldogs and Arkansas Razorbacks usually meet in a game that comes with interesting timing for the Bulldogs.  With the game usually coming after the Mississippi State matchup with Alabama and before the season ending Egg Bowl rivalry game with Ole Miss, fans can somewhat forget about this matchup.

The placement of the game steals from some of the excitement of the matchup, at least in July, but should the Bulldogs have another special season coming together, the excitement of fans heading into this game should increase exponentially. Should the Razorbacks be the SEC West darlings that many predict they will be, it could be a game with huge consequences for the 2015 season.  This game has the potential to become much more anticipated as the 2015 season winds down than it does right now.

However, one thing that will not change that somewhat drags this game down will be the style of play to expect.  If fans want offense, that will more than likely not happen in this game.  Instead, look for the Hogs to bleed as much clock as they can, run as much as they can, and play as physical as they can in an attempt to knock off Mississippi State.

The 2013 edition of the game provided drama as Damian Williams, a true freshman, found himself pressed into duty at the quarterback position against the Razorbacks.  Williams held his own, rushing for 112 yards and the game winning touchdown in overtime against Arkansas to keep bowl hopes for the Bulldogs alive.

In 2014, on a bitterly cold night in Starkville, Will Redmond intercepted a pass in the end zone to keep then-No. 1 ranked Mississippi State undefeated.  Only one other play really stands out on that night, and that was Fred Ross scoring on a 69-yard pass play off the scramble drill to put Mississippi State ahead 17-10 early in the fourth quarter.

However, neither games would go down as what fans would necessarily call fun.  Both had a plodding along feel that led to drama at the end of the contest. Sure, the game will be good, and the contest should be a close one.  Most fans will be glad that they watched it, but in July, the excitement of this matchup falls behind several on the Mississippi State schedule.