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Most Exciting Mississippi State Bulldogs Football Games of 2015 | No. 7-Texas A&M

To start October, Mississippi State will play for the first time in the expanded Kyle Field.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After dropping their first two decisions to Texas A&M as SEC foes, the Bulldogs got one in the win column last year knocking off Texas A&M as part of Mississippi State's run to the No. 1 ranking.  In 2015, if the Bulldogs head into Kyle Field undefeated, a similar scenario to 2014 could be in play for Mississippi State.

While every game in college football has the potential to provide a major momentum swing, the placement of the Bulldogs' matchup with Texas A&M is huge.  The Bulldogs will have already played LSU at home, and the week before, Mississippi State will have traveled to Auburn.  If the Bulldogs head to Kyle Field undefeated, a victory will be a must in order to keep SEC championship hopes alive.  The same holds true if the Bulldogs head into the game with a loss to either LSU or Auburn.

However, if the worst case scenario has happened, meaning the Bulldogs have lost to LSU and Auburn, this matchup against Texas A&M gives Mississippi State a chance to reboot their season.

Last year, Texas A&M entered the season with a ton of hype, and Kenny Hill quickly jumped into Heisman contention for the Aggies.  When the Aggies came to Starkville, they held the No. 6 ranking, and the Bulldogs held the No. 12 ranking.  If both teams get off to hot starts in 2015, the teams could find themselves in a bit of a role reversal.  The Bulldogs could hit College Station as a top-ten team with a quarterback in Heisman contention, and the Aggies could be a top-20 team looking to continue to break through.

Should that be the case, hopefully the Bulldogs will not find themselves in the same situation as Texas A&M last year.  In that contest, Mississippi State weathered a quick touchdown by the Aggies to take a 14-7 lead after the first quarter. In the second and third quarters, Mississippi State only allowed ten points, thanks in large part to Richie Brown's three interceptions, while scoring 27 to take a 41-17 lead into the fourth quarter in front of a wild crowd in Starkville. The Bulldogs scored again to open the fourth quarter to push their lead to 48-17 before allowing two late Aggie touchdowns to make the score appear closer than the game on the field.

While the Bulldogs will be unlikely to duplicate such a performance in front of 102,000 at Kyle Field, Mississippi State fans have every right to expect a Bulldog victory.  If John Chavis has not totally revamped the Aggies defense by this matchup, the Bulldogs should have no issues scoring against the Aggies, meaning that even if the game turns into a shootout, Mississippi State will have an advantage because of their defense.