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Mississippi State Football Ranked No. 8 in ESPN's SEC Power Rankings

More disrespect for the Mississippi State football team. But hey, it could have been worse.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As little as it means in the preseason -- and as much as it usually enrages us MSU fans -- it's always interesting to see where the different pundits rank your favorite team among the conference and the rest of college football.

ESPN is the latest to come out with such rankings, releasing its first 2015 preseason power rankings.

The Dogs came in around the middle of the pack in the league and next to last in their own division.

Here's the full list:

1) Auburn

2) Georgia

3) Alabama

4) Ole Miss

5) Arkansas

6) Tennessee

7) LSU

8) MSU

9) Missouri

10) Texas A&M

11) South Carolina

12) Florida

13) Kentucky

14) Vanderbilt

It's the first power poll released from ESPN since they released similar rankings after the spring. MSU was No. 7 in the post-spring power rankings. The team that jumped them? LSU, interestingly enough. I guess I missed the part where a good quarterback transferred in over the summer.

The article had the following to say about MSU:

"In another league, we wouldn't be talking about Mississippi State as a potential last-place team in the West. Not with one of the top returning players in the conference at the game's most important position. But QB Dak Prescott can't do it on his own. Faced with the loss of running back Josh Robinson and three starters on the offensive line, he'll be tested. And the defense, without coordinator Geoff Collins or the bulk of its starters from a year ago, is a serious question mark."

For some reason it's still a popular belief among everybody outside of Starkville that Dak is the only player MSU has to work with. For a group that returns over 2100 yards of receptions this wide receiver group is highly disrespected. And since when did losing Geoff Collins become such a detriment?

Man, where are you September 5?!