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Fan Reaction: Mississippi State Bulldogs over Southern Miss Golden Eagles

After each game, we will take to twitter to ask Mississippi State fans to share their five word thoughts on the game.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

At the start of the Sunday, Mississippi State had not looked their best, but they did enough to pull out of Hattiesburg with a 34-16 win over the Golden Eagles.  Here were your thoughts on the Bulldogs and their play on the field.

One camp of fans had thoughts on the game, but more importantly, they had been considering it was late and wanted to go to bed:

Many other fans expressed that the next game against Southern Miss should come a quarter past never, or at least never in Hattiesburg:

Some offered advice that we hope Dan Mullen gave the team:

Other fans could only wonder at what they saw:

Other fans felt we should start focusing on our next opponent:

Some fans sound as if they have given up on the season:

Others are now nervous or at least want to see our real playbook:

Other fans expressed concerns about different parts of the Bulldogs:

Never thought we would see this:

Also true:

Quality advice to remember:

Also would have been accepted in Five Words about Your First Middle School Dance: