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Predicting The Top 25 - Week Two

This is the first installment of a new series in which I predict the AP top 25 each week, and where Mississippi State will finish.

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This week seems to be set up perfectly for Mississippi State to enter the top 25. With 20th ranked Wisconsin falling badly to Alabama and 21st ranked Stanford losing embarrassingly to Northwestern, the preseason "#26" Bulldogs are in prime position. With that being said, here are my predicted rankings.

(NOTE: This is my opinion, not anyone else's at FWtCT. If you think this poll is atrocious, please direct the comments at me.)

1. Ohio State (1-0) LW: 1

2. Alabama (1-0) LW: 3

3. TCU (1-0) LW: 2

4. Baylor (1-0) LW: 4

5. Michigan State (1-0) LW: 5

6. Auburn (1-0) LW: 6

7. USC (1-0) LW: 8

8. Oregon (1-0) LW: 7

9. Georgia (1-0) LW: 9

10. Notre Dame (1-0) LW: 11

11. UCLA (1-0) LW: 13

12. Florida State (1-0) LW: 10

13. Clemson (1-0) LW: 12

14. LSU (0-0) LW: 14

15. Georgia Tech (1-0) LW: 16

16. Ole Miss (1-0) LW: 17

17. Arkansas (1-0) LW: 18

18. Oklahoma (1-0) LW: 19

19. Texas A&M (1-0) LW: NR

20. Arizona (1-0) LW: 22

21. Boise State (1-0) LW: 23

22. Missouri (1-0) LW: 24

23. Arizona State (0-1) LW: 15

24. Tennessee (1-0) LW: 25

25. Utah (1-0) LW: NR

Others Receiving Votes (Top 5): Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, Kansas State, BYU


I'm sure you're wondering why I believe Mississippi State will be snubbed from the top 25 yet again. With both Wisconsin and Stanford losing, why wouldn't Mississippi State sneak in there? In my opinion, an 18 point win over Southern Miss won't cut it. Sure, it was a win. But, let's compare it to the others in the preseason others receiving votes.

I have Texas A&M and Utah replacing Wisconsin and Stanford. In my opinion, the Aggies had the most impressive win of anyone in the country on Saturday. Texas A&M obliterated #15 Arizona State, with John Chavis' defense holding the Sun Devils to just 301 total yards. The Aggies were 2nd in the others receiving votes in the preseason, and with their performance Saturday, they skyrocket past Mississippi State.

Next, there's Utah. The Utes were 5th on the others receiving votes in the preseason. Ahead of them were Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Virginia Tech. A&M is in the top 25, Oklahoma State struggled against Central Michigan, and Virginia Tech fell to Ohio State. That leaves Mississippi State and Utah for the final spot. Mississippi State had an unimpressive showing against a program that's won four games in the last three years. Utah beat Michigan. Sure, Michigan has been struggling mightily as of late, but because of Jim Harbaugh's return to Ann Arbor, the Wolverines found themselves in the preseason others receiving votes. Utah's win was just better.

So, there you have it. With the AP Poll being released at 1 PM CT today, we'll just wait and see how accurate my ranking was.