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Mississippi State to Announce New Athletic Director Tomorrow at 1

NCAA Football: Tennessee-Martin at Mississippi State John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, things are happening around Starkville. With all signs indicating that John Cohen will become Scott Stricklin’s successor, Mississippi State has started to make some announcements of when they’ll make some announcements. Shortly after the article linked above was posted (and other articles from many other sources were posted as well) MSU announced this:

More than likely, it will be John Cohen as the Clarion-Ledger reported three weeks ago. Sure, there’s the off chance that we’re all wrong, but there’s nothing to indicate that it won’t be Cohen.

Go ahead and buckle up, folks. This next day and a half are about to get very interesting. With MSU announcing the next AD and, presumably, needing to find a new baseball coach, things are about to get fun with the news and the rumors. We’ll update you as all the fun continues.