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Mississippi State Drops Shutout Loss to Baylor in Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic

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The Bears get the Bulldogs in first meeting since Lafayette Regional in 2015.

An early two run homer from Sydney Christensen and a nine strikeout performance from Baylor (10-3) starter Heather Stearns gave the Bears what they needed to pick up a 4-0 win over Mississippi State (11-2) Saturday night in Gulfport.

Sydney Christensen's two-run homer with two outs in the bottom of the second allowed Baylor to put the first runs of the game on the board as the Bears took a 2-0 lead after two innings.

In the fourth, Jessica Tomchesson scored on an unearned run to put Baylor ahead 3-0.

"I thought we looked really good," said Mississippi State coach Vann Stuedeman. "We have a few defensive things we need to clean up, and we are in a different situation."

Sarah Smith led off the top of the sixth with a solo shot to put the Bears ahead 4-0.

Mississippi State starter Regan Green went the distance in the loss, her first of the season (2-1).  She struck out five, giving up all four runs, three of which were earned.

"We had a freshman on the mound tonight, and I think she grew up," said Stuedeman. "She earned some expensive experience, but those are the the things she needs to experience heading into play in a strong Southeastern Conference."

Stearns (4-1) went the distance for Baylor.

Lindsey Cargill led the Bears with two hits.

Emily Heimberger picked up the only hit for Mississippi State, a one-out single in the top of the fifth.

The Bulldogs looked to have a chance to put runs on the board early when Heimberger and Kayla Winkfield drew walks to open the contest.  Stearns then forced a popup and picked up a strikeout before hitting Sarai Niu, who was hit by a pitch in all three of her at-bats against Baylor, to load the bases.  Stearns came back with another strikeout to end the threat.