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Tracking the Polls: May 16th

After a busy weekend of college baseball, here's where Mississippi State stands in the rankings.

Kelly Price/

College baseball happened this weekend. A lot of college baseball happened. Let's look around the polls to see how teams are being evaluated and where Mississippi State stacks up.


Not much happened in D1Baseball's poll. The Bulldogs are sitting steady at No. 4, behind Florida, A&M, and Miami. It seems that Aaron Fitt and Kendall Rogers value the big wins from the teams ahead of MSU, which makes sense. Check out their full rankings.

Baseball America

Again, no movement at the top here for this poll, however, this is the first poll we're looking at today with an all SEC top three. State sits at No. 3 here, behind Florida and A&M. Check out their full list of rankings.

Perfect Game

The four best teams will look pretty familiar here. Mississippi State is again at No. 3, behind Florida and A&M again. Like Baseball America, the three SEC teams are ahead of Miami. Here's their complete rankings.

So, that's where Mississippi State stands so far. It's very possible that things might change this coming weekend, if A&M or Florida slip up and wind up dropping a series to Ole Miss or LSU. Again, keep an eye on what happens across the conference picture. These rankings don't mean anywhere near as much as what winning the SEC would mean.