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Mississippi State Wins The SEC Title

The Bulldogs have done it. It's happened. The SEC title is ours. We are the champions of the Southeastern Conference.

It hasn't happened in 27 years. Nobody thought it would happen this year. The Bulldogs had to rebuild from the rubble of last year's collapse. And they did. They rose all the way from the basement, last in the SEC a year ago, and took the crown today. That's unheard of. No other team has done it. None. This is history in the making that we are witnessing.

This team would not be denied, no matter the circumstances. Mississippi State would find a way around whatever obstacle decided to be foolish enough to stand in their way this entire season.

It started when the Bulldogs lost Butch Thompson, their much beloved pitching coach to Auburn. So what? John Cohen went out and brought in Wes Johnson. And Dakota Hudson and Austin Sexton, along with guys out of the bullpen like Ryan Rigby, would flourish under Johnson's tutelage.

And when the pitching would slump at times? No problem. Guys like Jack Kruger, freshman sensation Jake Mangum, Brent Rooker, Reid Humphreys and so many more would all step up and make clutch hits to carry this team the entire year.

When Jacob Robson was hurt? Jake Mangum stepped up. When Hunter Stovall got injured? John Holland filled in. This young and inexperienced team had no identity for much of the first half of the season and lost some painful games because of it. But they meshed. They caught fire in SEC play and dominated every road team they played.

Those 8th inning collapses started to become a thing of the past. The newly developed and infamous game three slumps? Those started to fizzle out as soon as they developed. This team has found a way through everything.

And when the odds were stacked against them after being swept by the Aggies, still, the Bulldogs were in contention to with the SEC. Yes, we admittedly had some help from some neighboring teams yesterday and today (looking at you LSU and Ole Miss) but that doesn't take away from the fact that this team played their way through the entire SEC, winning 9 of 10 series along the way and completing the regular season with a program record 21 SEC wins.

The Bulldogs are riding one hell of a winning streak right now, and they're the number one seed in Hoover. Something tells me that this may not be the last great thing we see this team accomplish. If they continue to claw and fight their way through opponents as they have all season, then they can beat anyone, and everyone.

Hail Damn State Bulldogs. Congrats and thank you to every member of this Mississippi State baseball team this year. You worked your asses off. Thank you for all that you've accomplished. As a team, in one of the best years that the SEC has ever seen, you're the best that the SEC has to offer. Live it up, and then enjoy the Road to Omaha, as it looks like it runs right through Starkville, Mississippi.