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Source*: Dan Mullen willing to start whichever QB will legally change his name to Dakota

With the intangibles weighing out evenly as fall camp wraps up, Mullen will make his quarterback decision based on the name he knows best.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Southern Mississippi Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

As fall camp slowly turns into game week, Dan Mullen finds himself faced with a difficult decision. In front of the mics and lights on Monday afternoon, Mullen told local media that his mind is still not made up on that decision: choosing who will be the QB to start the post-Dak Prescott era.

Following weeks of debating and weighing each candidates intangibles, developments out of Starkville this morning indicate that the QB situation has now reached a tipping point. In a closed-doors meeting, sources with ears pressed to the closed doors tell For Whom the Cowbell Tolls that Dan Mullen has made it clear: legally change your name to Dakota and I will start you at quarterback.

The sources that we spoke to indicate that after being unable to separate the three quarterbacks based on their on-field performances, Dan decided to base his decision on what he knows he wants in a quarterback the most: for his name to be Dakota. The indication is that Mullen is insistent on Dak or Dakota, and is not interested in any name changes to Tyler, Tyson, Chris, or even Tebow.

Stay tuned to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls as we keep a close eye on developments in this situation.