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Would You Add Chason Virgil to the Quarterback Battle?

Would adding a smaller quarterback really fix the weird quarterback battle that we have?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Southern Mississippi Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State has a weird quarterback battle. We don’t know who is going to be our starter, but there’s three solid options to win the job. And instead of picking a guy, Dan Mullen is deciding to troll us. But would you trade the currently weird quarterback situation where "Nick Williams" is our starter for a situation where Chason Virgil is in the quarterback battle?

The reason I bring this up is because, well, it was brought up to me.

For those that don’t know, Chason Virgil is a quarterback that Mississippi State recruited for a while and earned a commitment from. But the Bulldogs wanted Virgil to come to Starkville, sit out for a little bit as a grayshirt, and then they were going to give him a scholarship. Virgil wasn’t too fond of the idea when the Bulldogs’ coaching staff informed him of that, and he wound up heading out west to Fresno State.

The whole situation was controversial at the time because it appeared that the Bulldogs were revoking a scholarship from Virgil, despite the fact that Virgil hadn’t even stepped foot in Starkville yet. And that brought some criticism about the whole recruitment, but it’s whatever at this point. Virgil is playing for Fresno State and in that same recruiting cycle, the Bulldogs were able to ink Nick Tiano.

But if you had the opportunity, would you want to add Chason Virgil to this quarterback battle? I really wouldn’t, to be honest. Mississippi State has three quarterbacks that are suited for Dan Mullen’s offense. As for Virgil, well, not so much. He’s a bit small for what Dan Mullen would run.

Virgil stands at 6’1" and weighs 190 pounds. That’s 40 pounds lighter than both Damian Williams and Nick Fitzgerald, and is 50 pounds lighter than Nick Tiano. And Dan Mullen often relies on his quarterbacks to be bruising runners. Virgil would be the smallest quarterback that Dan Mullen had recruited to come play for him since Brian Johnson (6’1" and 205 pounds) all the way back in Mullen’s time at Utah.

While Chason Virgil is talented, I’m not sure that he would have won the starting job anyway. He’s an outlier when it comes to what Mullen looks for in his quarterbacks, and with three capable guys that fit the mold perfectly, there’d be no reason in my mind to need to add Virgil to the roster.

What about you? Would you add Virgil to this quarterback battle?