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“Nick Williams” named the Starting Quarterback

Dan Mullen has named “Nick Williams” the starting quarterback for the season opener against the South Alabama Jaguars.

Mississippi State v Auburn Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

After all the speculation and guessing, we now know who Dan Mullen plans to start at quarterback this Saturday. Well, actually we don’t. Apparently Dan Mullen still doesn’t know who will be the first quarterback on the field for the Mississippi State Bulldogs during the 2016 Football season.

“Nick Williams” doesn’t exist, for what it’s worth. It looks like the quarterback battle will continue to wage on. Coach Mullen said that he’s still looking for clarity at the quarterback position, and that we’ll likely see all three quarterbacks in the first quarter this Saturday against South Alabama.

We’ll likely see all three quarterbacks play until one clearly separates from the others. Until then, expect “Nick Williams” to continue to be the starter for the foreseeable future.

Update: It looks like the battle is primarily between Nick Fitzgerald and Damian Williams at this point.

The quarterback battle continues to get weird and it might be a little bit before we know who will truly be the starter down the stretch of the season.