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Captioning the Michael Phelps Face with MSU Themes

We asked for your best MSU captions to the Michael Phelps face Monday night and you did not disappoint.

If you watched the Olympics Monday night, you probably saw the glare Michael Phelps gave Chad le Clos before their heat took place in the 200m butterfly. If you didn’t, it looked like this.

If you’re wondering why Phelps looked so mad at the world when he saw Chad le Clos, go read this. People had a lot of fun with it on Twitter when it happened. So I took to Twitter and asked this.

You guys came through. Here is what you came up with. First off is a reference to losing the Super Regional to Arizona this year.

Next is the obligatory Ole Miss response.

Andy referenced everyone’s favorite commercial and fans’ reaction to it at Davis Wade Stadium.

Here was one about the ongoing discussion the Clarion-Ledger started during the summer.

We haven’t had this discussion in a while, but it might return this football season.

Then came a couple of references to two heart breaking losses. First up, LSU in 2009.

Next was the loss to Auburn in 2011.

Obviously, MSU ice cream had to be thrown in as well.

Here’s another Ole Miss reference.

When Mullen does this, I’m pretty sure most of us have the same reaction.

JDog just used the opportunity to make fun of me because that is what JDog does.

My favorite though, goes to Bryan. His referenced a grudge over State getting passed over the Outback Bowl all the way back in 1999. That’s an impressive grudge to hold on to.