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SEC Armchair Quarterback: Back in the Saddle Edition

Taking a look around the SEC each and every week.

SEC Championship - Missouri v Auburn Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The SEC had a tough first weekend, but the conference got back to normal for the most part this past weekend. There were a few conference games ths past weekend, and we get a few more this coming weekend. This weekend will have the first marquee matchup when Alabama travels to Ole Miss to try and end their two game losing streak in the series.

But until then, let’s look at what stood out in both good and bad ways this past weekend.

Things that stood out in a good way.

  • Tennessee’s Resiliency - The Vols were getting ready to get run off the field by Virginia Tech. This was a week after the Vols looked really bad against Appalachian State. So to bounce back and outscore Virginia Tech 45-10 from that point on was really impressive.
  • Arkansas’ Offensive Prowess - The Razorbacks struggled to get much of anything going against Louisiana Tech. But against a Big 12 opponent that has been known to put serious points on the board, you could say the Razorbacks answered the call.
  • Auburn Using One Quarterback - See what happens when you just stick with one guy Gus? I’m not going to put too much stock in this win because it was Arkansas State, but it’s a step in the right direction for Auburn.
  • Nick Fitzgerald - There’s no way I would go this entire piece without mentioning how well Fitz played. The Bulldogs needed someone to step up and take control of the job, and Fitzgerald was up to the task.

Things that stood out in a bad way.

  • LSU’s passing offense - The Tigers and their fans were raving about the play of Danny Etling. Etling went 6-14 with 100 yards and a touchdown and interception. The only thing he did was not make terrible throws and decisions. This is what excites LSU fans these days?
  • Georgia’s Offense - The other Bulldogs were favored by over 50 points this past weekend. They only scored 26 and squeaked out a win over one of the worst FCS teams playing.
  • Injuries to Ole Miss - I think Ole Miss is going to struggle this year, and that makes me happy. But what doesn’t make me happy is why they are likely going to struggle. They lost freshman receiver D.K. Metcalf for the rest of the season to go along with the two players they lost in their season opener.
  • Kentucky - The Wildcats are awful. They managed to get just 149 yards of offense against the Gators and made Florida, a team that struggled to put up points against UMass, look like an offensive juggernaut.

SEC Power Rankings

Remember, I am ranking the teams based on how good I think they are, not necessarily what their win loss record is. Wins and losses will have a lot to do with it, but it is not the sole criterion I am using.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (Previous Week, #1: 2-0)

Yeah, the Crimson Tide are still really good.

2. Texas A&M Aggies (Previous Week, #3: 2-0)

I said they would make their way toward the top of these rankings through the month of October. Well, here they are. If Ole Miss can upset Bama for the third straight year, the Aggies could be #1 in this ranking when the play the Crimson Tide.

3. Tennessee Volunteers (Previous Week, #4: 2-0)

I almost put them ahead of Texas A&M, but I am going to hold off for now. Beat Florida and Georgia, and then we’ll talk.

4. Georgia Bulldogs (Previous Week, #2: 2-0)

They did win, but I almost sent them down even further. They should be fine against Missouri this week, but they’ll have to be a lot better to beat Ole Miss in a couple of weeks.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks (Previous Week, #11: 2-0)

Arkansas showed they could be a team to be reckoned with. I don’t know if I am ready to buy in just yet. TCU had a really difficult time against South Dakota State, so we’ll see just how big this win was later on in the schedule.

6. Auburn Tigers (Previous Week, #5: 1-1)

They’re only falling because Arkansas moved up so much. We find out more about Auburn next week when Texas A&M comes to the Plains.

7. Ole Miss Rebels (Previous Week, #6: 1-1)

Same thing with the Rebels. They move down a spot because Arkansas moved up so much. They have yet another chance to make a big statement against Alabama this week. We’ll see if they are up to the task for the third straight year.

8. Florida Gators (Previous Week, #8: 2-0)

They played great against Kentucky, but I can’t move them up based on that.

9. LSU Tigers (Previous Week, #7: 1-1)

The Tigers are going down in my poll because I simply don’t trust them to score enough against SEC opponents to win consistently.

10. Mississippi St. Bulldogs (Previous Week, #14: 1-1)

The Bulldogs are moving up because they showed what I think they really are against South Carolina. They can prove that even further when they travel to Baton Rouge this weekend.

11. South Carolina Gamecocks (Previous Week, #11: 1-1)

I think the Gamecocks will have a chance to be decent if they turn the team over to Brandon McIlwain. He’ll make some mistakes, but they’ll be better in the long run if they do.

12. Missouri Tigers (Previous Week, #12: 1-1)

I put Missouri at 12 because I had them higher than Vandy last week. So I’ll keep them higher this week.

13. Vanderbilt Commodores (Previous Week, #13: 1-1)

Vandy has a win. That’s more than what I can say for Kentucky.

14. Kentucky Wildcats (Previous Week, #14: 0-2)

It’s going to be a long wait until the start of basketball season in the Bluegrass State.