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Robin Roberts Brings Out a Mississippi State Jersey on Good Morning America

Robin Roberts is repping her home state on GMA!

Screenshot by me. Video by @HailStateWBK. Footage by Good Morning America.

Mississippi State women’s basketball team has earned the highest seeding in school history and will be hosting teams in the Hump this Friday. The Bulldogs have had a fantastic season and they’re being recognized for it just about everywhere, including by Mississippi native, Robin Roberts.

Roberts bringing the jersey out on national television is great stuff, especially for publicity for the school. And, most importantly, it recognizes the athletic achievements of a team that very well could make a run to the Final Four to face UConn.

But, something that isn’t so great is Ginger Zee’s addition to this. As Roberts starts to bring the jersey out, you can hear Zee start to say “Texas” before stopping what she was saying. Because that is neither a University of Texas jersey (UT is burnt orange) and it’s not a Texas A&M jersey (although others have confused the two schools before).

For fun, let’s go through the moments that Zee realized that this was a MSU uniform.

First, there’s the initial moment of mistake. “TEXAS,” Zee exclaimed.

“Wait a minute...” Zee must have thought.


Now, let’s go through the crowd.

These people are my favorite, because they know right away that isn’t an Aggie or a Longhorn jersey.

“Uhhhh hey Ginger, that isn’t burnt orange and it says Mississippi State”

This group of people either really love Mississippi State or Robin Roberts or all of the above.

I’m going with all of the above.

This man looks like he’s a hostage and that’s a forced smile. Now, I’m not saying that he is a hostage, but somebody should go through and check to see if he blinked “save me” in morse code throughout this segment.

It’s either that or he knew that Ginger had done messed up and he was trying to stifle laughter back on national tv. Either or.

Be sure to tune in to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls for all of your daily GMA crowd analysis needs and go watch the women’s basketball team make a run in the postseason, starting at the Hump this Friday!