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Mississippi State Graduate Seth Barnes Competing in the Iditarod

The “Last Great Race” features a competitor that graduated from Mississippi State

Sleeping Dog

The Iditarod is a cool race. Literally. It’s a race where dogs pull sleds carrying a person through snow and ice and other cool conditions in Alaska, which is a very cool state. It’s a race that is rich in history and tradition and has inspired a book by Gary Paulsen which in turn inspired an unfortunate film.

Seriously, it’s not a good movie.

But we’re not here to talk about Cuba Gooding Jr. and his attempt at a movie about a dog sledding race in Alaska. We’re here to talk about Seth Barnes who is actually part of a dog sledding race in Alaska.

From the official Iditarod website:

Seth Barnes, 37, was raised in a small Gulf Coast town in Alabama. He went to school at Mississippi State University, where he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering. After working for private industry and the federal government, he traded the suit and tie in for much more comfortable and warmer clothes. Moving to Alaska in 2010, Seth quickly fell in love with dog mushing. He has hardly been out of Alaska since. Living and training with his companions year round he moves closer to his dream. Being raised with animals of all kinds instilled him with a love and respect for animals from a very young age, especially dogs.

Barnes is wearing bib number 51 in the race, which you can watch right here if you please. This is his second go at the Iditarod as he also competed back in 2015 where he placed 35th as a rookie. He finished the nearly 1000 mile race in a little over 11 days.

If you want to get to know Seth’s team of very good dogs, check them out here. You can even sponsor Seth and his team of very good dogs on his website.