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Monday Rants

Looking at some positives, but mostly negatives in this weekend’s loss

NCAA Football: Florida at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

What are Mondays for? RANTS. And if you’re a Bulldog fan you probably went into work and gave your co-worker a good rant about this weekend’s game vs Florida.

I’ve got my fair share of rants and here they are:

  • How did Osirus Mitchell drop that ball?

I have not stopped thinking about this particular play since the 3rd quarter. I thoroughly believe that we’re still ranting this Monday, but we’re also 4-1 if Mitchell catches that beautifully thrown ball. Yes, we still have problems, but it’s easier to deal with problems with 4 wins instead of 3.

  • Our defense is going to keep us in games

Our defense is good. Period. We knew they would be good, but we also thought our head coach (offensive guru) would put together an offense that would score points. Many people had questions about defensive coordinator, Bob Shoop. He’s a good coach. He usually fixes the problems that our defense has early in games. If you would have told me that Florida would have finished the game with 13 points, I would have told you that we win big. I would have been wrong.

  • Why did Joe Moorhead panic in Florida territory?

It seemed as if Coach Moorhead would put together great drives down the field, but as soon as he got into Florida territory he would call a BS play call. I’ll talk more specifically about this later.

  • Why was Joe Moorhead considered an offensive guru, but now we’re looking at one of the worst offenses we’ve seen since Sylvester Croom

Going into the 2018 football season, I and many others thought this offense would blow up the scoreboard... We’ve scored one touchdown in the last 8 quarters. ONE. 1. UNO. That’s honestly pathetic with the amount of talent we have on the offensive side of the ball. Joe Moorhead should be able to put that offense into the end-zone multiple times a game.

  • 3rd and 4… 2nd offensive possession of the game

Mississippi State is driving down the field on a beautifully put-together drive and on a 3rd and 4 (I believe it was 4), Joe Moorhead calls a designed QB run to the left side of the field. I was in shock. What a horrific play-call. It was in that moment that I realized Moorhead may not be everything I thought he was.

  • Pass protection… GARBAGE

Every single designed pass play that we ran Nick Fitzgerald was rushed to get rid of the ball. No, Fitzgerald did not play great, but how are you supposed to when you have 2 seconds to get rid of the football. Fitzgerald did not have time to think on Saturday. The last play of the game defines the night.

  • We have to identify that our team is built around the running game

Mississippi State’s offense should be built on the run. Specifically on the running backs. How do you not continue to give the ball to Kylin Hill and Aeris Williams? I DO NOT CARE WHO GETS THE BALL. One or the other needs to have 15+ touches a game. That is just how our team is built. Our quarterback is a running quarterback that can make passes every now and then.

I’m sure this won’t be the last Monday that I have rants. Mississippi State enters SEC West play this weekend as they host the Auburn Tigers. The month of October doesn’t get any easier, Coach Moorhead.