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Monday Rants

The Rants are back this week as the Bulldogs looked rather rough on Saturday night

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

This article isn’t one that I want to put out. It’s not an article that I should have to put out due to the talent on this year’s 2018 football team. BUT it’s an article that needs to be written... so here we go...

Here are the Monday Rants:

  • Joe Moorhead isn’t the offensive innovator that many fans thought he was.

All we heard as the hire of Joe Moorhead was made was that we just received one of the best offensive minds of college football. Well... that hasn’t proven to be true. On Saturday night in Tiger Stadium we scored 3 points. Not a single touchdown. Not because LSU’s defense is the best in the country (they’re not), but because Mississippi State’s offensive game-plan isn’t working.

  • Our defense is the best in the COUNTRY.

Bold statement, but true. LSU scored one touchdown on Saturday and it came off of an interception on Mississippi State’s three yard line. Even on that drive our defense almost held LSU’s offense. Other than the touchdown, LSU kicked four field goals that came off of us mostly not being able to flip the field.

  • Punting isn’t Mississippi State’s strong suit on special teams.

When you have an offense that can’t move the ball, you have to be able to flip the field somehow and that usually comes through punting. Well... I didn’t realize losing Logan Cooke would hurt us this bad. P.S. Logan Cooke is a baller for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • Quarterback play is not productive in the slightest.

Nick Fitzgerald is a great runner. He cannot pass the ball. Numbers speak for themselves and Fitzgerald ended the game 8/24 for 59 yards and 4 interceptions. Before the last drive of the game he had 4 completions for 19 yards with 3 interceptions. He had 23 carries for 131 yards. Nick Fitzgerald is a great athlete that cannot pass the football. Late in the game on Saturday night, Joe Moorhead had nothing to lose by throwing Keytaon Thompson in the game and giving him a go. This loss is not on Nick Fitzgerald’s shoulders though... it’s on Joe Moorhead’s.


These two running backs are some of the best that have ever come across Mississippi State University and we’re not using them. Aeris Williams finished the game with 6 touches for 28 yards (average of 4.7 yards a carry). Kylin Hill finished the game with 8 touches for 42 yards (average of 5.2 yards a carry). Also a stat where the numbers speak for themselves. We have to get the ball in the hands of these two SEC caliber running backs and give them a chance to do something.

I could go on and on after this weekend, but I’ll stop here. Dawgs take on a good Texas A&M squad on Saturday to decide if they’re a middle tier or lower tier SEC team.