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The magnificent new Dudy Noble Field opens tomorrow as the Diamond Dawgs take on New Mexico State

Twitter: @HailstateBB

It’s finally here. Tomorrow, March 6th, the NEW DUDY NOBLE FIELD opens as the Diamond Dawgs take on New Mexico State at 6:30 pm CT.

The wait is over and dawg fans are pumped. The new 55 million dollar renovation is better in person. I’m speaking from experience here. As a student on campus, walking by the construction every day was kind of a neat experience. For months now, I have seen a stadium be torn down and brought back out of the ashes (not literally).

Honestly, the moment I got giddy about baseball season was when the construction crew began to settle the DUDY NOBLE FIELD letters on top of the new main entrance.

Driving by the ginormous letters that read “DUDY NOBLE FIELD” and “LEFT FIELD LOUNGE” everyday is something that I look forward to. For the fans that have not had the privilege to see the New Dude yet, the pictures do NOT do it justice. Sure... I’m biased but once you see this stadium for yourself, you’ll start to understand what I am talking about.

Another great addition to the New Dude is the M over S baseball logo right outside the main entrance. Watching the construction crew put this piece of art together brick by brick was extraordinary.

Personally, I was sad to see the old stadium go. I had my suspicions that the level of the New Dude could never reach the level of the old one. The main reason being, the Left Field Lounge will not be same. It certainly will be different, but not worse. The setup of the new Left Field Lounge is perfect for students and former “Left Field Loungers.” Many people have said that the Left Field Lounge already looks better. Yes, we may have lost some of the old trucks, setups, and benches but the tradition has not left as many Diamond Dawg fans came out on Friday to “move-in.” March 2nd was move-in day for all of the faithful Left Field Loungers.

Although we’ve torn down some history, Dudy Noble Field was and is the best college baseball stadium in the country. With all of the new additions set, it’s time to kick-off another great year of baseball at the NEW Dudy Noble Field tomorrow at 6:30 pm CT.