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Dear Recruits,

An open letter to all the recruits on why they should join Mississippi State Athletics.

For most Mississippi State fans, it is not hard for us to see what makes our University one of the premier places to go in all of America. But believe it or not, not everyone knows about the little slice of heaven tucked away in the deep south. Recruits out there, for all sports, should have a place where they can learn about the fabulous Starkvegas. To all the recruits out there, looking for a place to call home... let me tell you why Mississippi State is the one for you.

Most of the new age recruits look for swag and excitement. If there is any place in America that has more fire power than Starkvegas, please let me know. The lights are bright, the opportunities are brighter. More than that, the greatest sound in all of sports will ring through the brisk air, and it will literally ring. Take a listen:

Statistically speaking, there is not a hotter athletic team in all of college sports. Our football team brought home a bowl game victory, our men’s basketball went to the semis of the NIT, our softball team is ranked 24th in the nation, our men’s tennis team is 7th in the country, and our women’s basketball team is straight off two straight championship appearances. Winning is not everything, but in Starkville, it sure is becoming a tradition. In college sports, it is not easy to maintain success in any sports, much less multiple ones and we are doing it with ease.

Family is always first at MSU.

As it was mentioned earlier, winning is not everything. In terms of Mississippi State, there could not be a truer statement. That does not mean winning is not expected, but it shows what happens if we don’t. If we lose, we lost as a family. Family is everything. Family is home. The biggest pull to this wonderful university is what makes it home. So often, there are so many kids out there who look for home. Whether they need a sense of family or love, they can find it in maroon and white. Never in my life, in all my college experiences and college sport research, seen a university with the atmosphere this one has. No matter the sport, the person, the reason, this family wraps its arms around you and loves you. From the Dawg Walk, the Left Field Lounge, to the crazy ringing of bells, they will never let you forget it. This is a pep rally in Columbus, Ohio for the women’s basketball team:

That is 660 miles from Starkville but that did not stop there from being plenty of maroon and white. Wherever you go, this family goes with you. Ask anyone, we root for the Cowboys (Dak Prescott) and the Fever (Victoria Vivians) and the Lions (Darius Slay) and the Twins (Brent Rooker) and so many more teams out there. That atmosphere is unmatched by any other university in America.

We are a favorite location of so many sports anchors, and we even have a few superstar supporters. Most notably we have support from two of my personal favorite people, Robin Roberts and Peter Burns.

Robin Roberts on national TV cheering on the Bulldogs.

Not to be forgotten is the man in charge of it all, John Cohen. John Cohen has spent the majority of his life here. After playing college baseball at State, he became the Head Baseball coach. Later on, he ultimately was named Athletic Director. This university has that kind of impact of you. He has devoted his life to improving Mississippi State and fighting for a National Championship trophy to come back to Starkville.

Through all the sounds of cowbells, smells of BBQ, and wonderful sights there are in Starkville, one sums up the town perfectly. It shows the sound and sight and even the family atmosphere. They are the Famous Maroon Band.

Not everyone’s fight song is as catchy and passionate as the one here in Starkville. And not everyone’s band is as talented as this one. Never forget it, or they just might “beat the hell out of you”...

This town, this school, this family invites you to enjoy the next chapter of your life here, at the sweetest secret in the South. We will Wrap you in Maroon and White, and support you in all that you do. To all of you recruits out there, trust me when I say you cannot go wrong when you come here. Heck, sometimes they even give out free cheese fries!


You can never go wrong with that. This family would love a new addition, any time and any place. Grab a bell and lets give them hell for years to come! We cannot wait to Hail State and PTLGD together!


The Mississippi State University.