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Why Nick Fitzgerald is the SEC’s unsung hero

While the SEC is already rich at quarterback, Fitzgerald’s return proves that the rich are indeed becoming richer.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

In what is by far and away college football’s best and most competitive conference, the SEC has a slew of talent on both sides of the ball. From that comes those who get lost in the fold, ultimately for the best of reasons. Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald was a phenom last season prior to his injury, as his return this falll may just elevate him from an SEC quarterback to the SEC’s diamond in the rough.

Comparable to former Bulldog Dak Prescott, Fitzgerald is a dual threat and student of the game. Coming off his gruesome injury, Fitzgerald is set for a big year. Under the stewardship of coach Joe Moorhead and surrounded by the requisite pieces in place, Fitzgerald should shatter the record books.

Mississippi State v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Barring the injury, Fitzgerald may have very well found himself in the Heisman conversation. His leadership and command for the offense were one of a kind and will continue to shine bright. In addition, Fitzgerald’s numbers were off the charts. Like Prescott, Fitzgerald was a Swiss army knife at the most important position on the field.

It seems as though the dual threat quarterback has become football’s new trend at both the collegiate and professional level. Fitzgerald is an elite passer and runner, as both will be on full display this coming season. He plays with heart and a never give up attitude, ultimately bringing out the best in his teammates.

With Moorhead at the helm, Fitzgerald is sure to take the Bulldogs a level. He is a proven leader with an unrivaled work ethic. The Bulldogs have all the reason to look forward to a historic season, as Fitzgerald’s name will have a lot do with Mississippi State’s projected success.

Massachusetts v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

While he is a great passer, Fitzgerald will be part of a three headed monster in the backfield with running backs Aeris Williams and Kylin Hill. This may just be the best backfields in the game, as Williams and Hill are both due for stellar years. Given that Moorhead is an offensive savant, the trio will treat the game to a show and a half.

Fitzgerald has worked hard all offseason and can’t wait to be back on the field. It won’t take college football long to remember his name, as his greatness will jump right out of the gate. Fitzgerald’s feel good story will steal the headlines, as he epitomizes the notion that is overcoming adversity. Look for Fitzgerald to lead the Bulldogs through an exciting and even historic season, ultimately exceeding expectations and being one of the best to don the maroon and white.