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Kentucky Wildcats Will Win the 2018 SEC Football Championship

Just kidding y’all but this is how the 2018 SEC Football Season will turn out if we let pure chance via coin tosses decide our fate.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Florida Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Ahh the coin toss. It is the perfect example of a fair chance. 50/50. Heads Tails. Coin tosses have helped us decide a variety of questions from the outrageous to the mundane. It has even helped decide life and death.

So it is only natural that the gods of college football would use this perfect system to help decide possession and end zone placement in our beautiful game.

If coin tosses can help decide real life game situations, why not see what a coin toss could do if it helped decide an entire SEC season. So that is what I did. I left every single game up to chance.

Method: Using (yes it’s a real site) I went through each team’s schedule. If the coin landed on heads then the home team won. If the coin landed on tail’s then the away team won. Using this method I simulated an entire season’s worth of SEC games. As luck would have it, I give you the 2018 SEC Championship Game: Auburn vs Kentucky.

And just as you all predicted, Kentucky wins the 2018 SEC Championship.

If you’d like to see a breakdown of each team’s wins and losses click here. On the excel layout, I have included the standings as well.

Here are a few interesting tidbits from this coin toss simulated season.

Only one team from the SEC West is bowl eligible. The Auburn Tigers finished the season 11-1 with its only loss to Texas A&M. The rest of the division is hot garbage. One team that is in an interesting situation is actually Ole Miss. They finished the season 7-5 but only 3-5 in conference play. They will obviously have to wait another year for postseason play because of some NCAA issues that we will not talk about but I thought I should mention at least once. Alas, Ole Miss finished last in the division due to having only 1 intra-divisional win. A foreboding vision perhaps?

2018 seems to be the East’s year of returning to relevance. 6 teams are bowl eligible with only the University of Tennessee being left out. Seems about right. Another year another season of overrated and underwhelming Tennessee football. The obvious big surprise is Kentucky winning the conference title. Mark Stoops and Benny Snell somehow make Kentucky a football school. Georgia falls to 6th in the East and South Carolina continues to impress under Will Muschamp with a 2nd place finish.

Since this is a Mississippi State site I would like to highlight the Bulldogs season. It does not start out well. Mississippi State starts the season 1-6 with their lone win coming against the eventual SEC champion Kentucky Wildcats. Yes Bulldog fans, we lose the huge matchup with Florida and Dan Mullen. We also fall to Auburn and LSU before going on a nice streak to close the season. We finish the season 4-1 by beating Texas A&M, LA Tech, Alabama, and Ole Miss but losing to Arkansas. Mississippi State finishes the season 4th in the West.

Thank our good Lord that our games are decided on the gridiron and not by chance. Here’s to a season where we make our own luck.

Til next time friendos,

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