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Thank you, Jake

What a pleasure it was watching this guy step up to the plate for four years

NCAA BASEBALL: Mississippi State at Vanderbilt George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Jake,

Thank you for wearing the maroon and white for four years. Four years that went by way too fast.

It’s hard for me to write this as a fan. I grew up watching Mississippi State baseball just because we’ve always been good. No, I wasn’t born during the Thunder and Lightning years, but of course I’ve heard all about it. I was around for the Frazier and Renfroe years and those were some great times and a heartbreaking ending.

But I graduated the same year Jake did and grew up in the same county. No I don’t know Jake personally, but coming out of high school I hadn’t heard much of him. It wasn’t until SEC play started his freshman year that I knew we landed a jewel in Jake Mangum.

From SEC freshman of the year to winning the Ferris Award twice in his four years to incredible hit after hit to breaking the SEC hits record... these four years are something that I’ll never forget.

Jake, you created an atmosphere of emotions for fans at Dudy Noble Field that we can never leave behind now. That intensity that you always played with is something the fans have adopted from you and will continue to use when our opponents show up at Dudy Noble.

Your love for MSU and its fans is a trait every player should have, but it’s what made you so special.

I’ll tell my kids about these past four special seasons and how there was a kid who entered Mississippi State as a freshman out of Jackson, MS, but left as legend of Starkville, MS.

You deserve more than a thank you note (maybe a statue will come), but for now know that we, as fans, appreciate everything you have accomplished here at Mississippi State.

Thank you,

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls