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No. 9 Mississippi State escapes in Nashville, beats Vanderbilt 68-52

Though it took until the fourth quarter for the Bulldogs to impose their will on the Commodores, they did just that when it mattered most. MSU Athletics

Through three quarters Mississippi State found itself in a back and forth battle with Vanderbilt, as a complete team effort lifted the Bulldogs to their seventeenth victory of the season.

Jessika Carter had her way on both ends of the floor with 22 points, seven rebounds and three blocks. While she found herself in early foul trouble with two, Carter played smart and a was a disruption in the paint. Jordan Danberry and Rickea Jackson combined for 18 points.

Having scored just seven points in the second quarter, the Bulldogs found themselves in trouble at half. As it was their lowest scoring quarter of the season, the Bulldogs bounced back in the third and fourth, in large part due to the play of Aliyah Matharu and Xaria Wiggins.

With 14 points and three steals, Matharu made the most of every look. She also had three crucial steals. Wiggins added eight points and six boards. Both are more than capable weapons and excelled in coach Vic Schaefer’s defensive adjustment, the switch from man to zone. Schaefer’s choice of zone defense ultimately won the game, as it kept the Commodores on their heals. Expect the Bulldogs to use their regained momentum going forward.

Hail State!