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Keep Swinging

T-Dawg’s Predictions for Week 3

Week 2 in the Southeastern Conference didn’t go as planned for several teams, including my beloved Dawgs. I made a trip to Columbus, Mississippi, where I got a chance to visit with my friend Taco. I sat outside and enjoyed a visit with Taco at his restaurant, The Mexican Kitchen. I ate there at least once a week back in my college days. The outdoor dining was great and gave everyone a chance to talk across the patio. We all need to support businesses in any way we can.

I also made some new friends before the game. Rodney Allen and his family made the trip up from Pensacola, Florida. They made the trip to see their daughter, Gracie, who is a member of the Mississippi Stat dance team this year. I walked around and talked to a lot of other alumni and visitors before the game. Everyone was excited and grateful to be back on campus and to be in Davis Wade Stadium again.

I salute the spirit squads and their coaches. Those young people put in a lot of work and sacrifice to represent Mississippi State University while also maintaining a high level of academics. I want to thank the cheerleaders for the pride they take in what you do and how well they represent Mississippi State. You help make coming back to MSU a flashback to our days there.

No. 4 Florida @ No. 21 Texas A&M

The Gators had a satisfying meal of chicken fixed in a variety of ways Saturday in Gainesville, Florida. Kyle Trask took every opportunity to present his brethren the yardbirds he had cornered. Every Gator had feathers flying around him after gulping down a couple of Muschamp’s critters. Mullen has loaded up his scaly garbage disposals and is headed west to College Station, Texas, to check out the available food supply.

Jimbo’s Aggies took a little spanking when they ran into a herd of red elephants determined to take no prisoners. After a tough game against Alabama, Kellen Mond is hoping that playing with Mullen’s Gators won’t be as detrimental to their health. Jimbo plans to enlist Texas A&M’s 12th Man, but time to get any other help may run out soon.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 31-28

No. 14 Tennessee @ No. 3 Georgia

Pruitt’s well-organized brigade of Volunteers have started to overwhelm their opponents with their sharpshooting skills. The men in orange bagged enough tigers to ensure a mount on each wall of Rocky Top. Pruitt has heard about packs of dogs roaming around Athens, Georgia, so he has decided to take his troops down to lend a hand. Always remember, when you are dealing with angry dogs, be careful about sticking your hand out.

Coach Smart has been searching for an alpha dog to lead his pound puppies. He has pretty much tried every canine with a true pedigree. The most promising candidate just wandered in off the street to assume command. With the Volunteers coming to town to establish control over Smart’s Dogs, it will be important to put the bite on the Volunteers quickly. The alpha dog will be wearing his Stetson as the Dogs watch the Volunteers march out of town brokenhearted.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 31-21

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt

Muschamp’s cluckers have been trying to find a safe place to nest. It is hard for a chicken to lay a golden egg, or any egg at all, when they feel nervous and threatened. Part of the flock escaped the steel jaws of the Gators last week, so when they were invited to come to Music City for an evening of soothing music, Muschamp accepted for his feathery friends. This could be just what Colin Hill needs to relax and lay the victory egg they have been searching for.

The Commodores were treated rudely by Ed Orgeron and his LSU Tigers. Mason’s cadets were caught ashore and were clawed, chased and mauled by the Tigers. Mason hopes it is much easier to lull the Gamecocks to sleep before they are plucked and cooked. Mason knows this may be his only chance to have a hit song this year, so he is going all out.

T-Dawg’s Winner: South Carolina 27-20

Arkansas @ No. 13 Auburn

The Razorbacks greased each other up really well before they went out to face Leach’s Air Raid last Saturday in Starkville, Mississippi. It helped them to be Slippery Sams all over the field. Make no mistake about it, this passel of porkers are healthier than last year. Being able to slip away at the right time is tremendously beneficial. Hot dog boy will lead his squealers into Auburn, looking to use another grease job to their advantage again. Time will tell if it helps Pittman’s Hogs avoid the Spit.

Gus Malzahn’s Tigers couldn’t seem to find their swag in Athens, Georgia last week. The Tigers’ offense had no answer for the vicious canine attacks that ripped into their lines over and over. Bo Nix could do nothing to make the Tigers’ visit to Athens bearable, so they jumped on the bus and left town the first chance they got. When the Razorbacks roll into Auburn, Gus plans to have his tank, a backhoe, bulldozers and whatever else it takes to get Pittman’s Hogs in a death grip before they root up the turf all over Jordan-Hare Stadium. It is unlikely that Pittman’s porkers have a squeal of a deal again this week because Gus knows that tough days lie ahead. If Gus wants to keep his booth at Waffle House, then he cannot afford to let a bunch of oinkers do him in.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 34–17

No. 2 Alabama @ TSUN

Nick Saban has his Crimson Tide rolling. When Jimbo came to T-Town with his collies, he had a concerned look on his face. After being taken to obedience school, Fisher’s boys were more than glad to leave town with their coach. They left with a blank face as they weren’t sure what hit them. This Saturday, the red pachyderms storm into The Grove more than ready for anything Kiffin’s fish will have to dish out.

The minnows managed to frustrate those bluegrass cats when they visited Lexington, Kentucky. Lane’s little wigglers kept wiggling until the kitties gave up and went for a nap. Matt Corral and his fellow fish may not be world class swimmers yet, but they managed to elude the claws trying to slap them out of the water long enough to survive the encounter. Now Kiffin’s former friend comes calling with every intention of teaching his boy a few lessons about messing with Nick Saban. Lane will prepare as best he can to dodge the whipping that’s intended for him and his aquatic companions, but it shouldn’t matter much because there won’t be anywhere to hide.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 55-28

No. 7 LSU @ Missouri

Eli’s kitty cats tried to slip into Knoxville, Tennessee, to sink their teeth into something good, but they instead got a load of rock salt that drove them out of town. This week, Missouri was scheduled to go into Death Valley for a night game, but things have changed due to Hurricane Delta. Drinkwitz has been giving thoughts to dressing his kittens up like dogs, but he doesn’t think they can pull that off right now. Since Hurricane Delta chased away the ghosts, the fear of ghosts isn’t a worry. In fact, Eli sees things going in his favor, and that makes for a warm feeling all over.

Orgeron’s Tigers may have been awakened by the Air Raid that destroyed their fantasy world. Often times, shock makes adjust. Pelini is trying to teach his side of the Tiger pride new tricks that seem to be working. Maybe the immediate question is, will any tricks work in a real cat fight?

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 37-20

Mississippi State @ Kentucky

Mark Stoops is beginning to feel like his blue cats are snake bit. In both games this season, they had every chance to get a win, but fate seemed to smile on others instead. The Wildcats are trying to avoid a winless season, so Stoops got his felines together and has prepped them for the Dawgs coming their way. Every conceivable trap has been laid, waiting to ensnare the Dawgs and give Stoops’ Wildcats their first prize.

The Dawgs had everything set up for them in their home opener as crowd energy had expectations high. Unfortunately, it was a night of mistakes and lack of focus that resulted in an embarrassing capitulation to Pittman’s oinkers. The Pirate has a way of correcting focus problems, and that will surely happen. Costello and company will rise to the occasion and do their best to chase Stoops’ kittens up the nearest tree. Leach has given the order to batten down the hatches and pound Stoops until he is three sheets in the wind.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Mississippi State 38–21

It has been an eventful season already in college football. There will be many more twists and turns as we see the season unfold. I was reminded by a really good friend of mine that there are moments of exhilaration at MSU, and then there moments where you are just left shaking your head. Yes, it is true for us but I think it is also true for others as well.

There are good times and there are disappointing times, but as Coach Leach says, “Keep Swinging Your Sword.”

As always, my prognostications are done, what about yours?

Hail State!!!