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Dear @HailStateVB:

An open letter to Mississippi State volleyball.

Austin Perryman / MSU Athletics

Dear @HailStateVB,

Sometimes crazy things happen, but I’m sure as Coach Julie Darty Dennis will tell you, everything happens for a reason. There was a reason that this team set every possible record out there for this school’s history. Why? Because you guys went out the same way you played all season. Fighting.

That same fight is what got me so captivated, as well as thousands of others, this season. That same fight is what represented this university so proudly throughout the course of this season. It should come as no surprise to me, though, as you all had to fight to be right here.

This team was built with a chip on their shoulder. I mean, five transfers in the starting lineup is an incredible feat. You guys look like you have played together your whole lives. This team climbed to the top of the volleyball world, the right way. You did it by playing for each other.

You guys brought an entire fan base together, all for one cause. You. It was bigger than you guys, the entire way. Volleyball is forever changed at this university and in this state because of every member of this team and coaching staff.

So, yes, when the confetti rains down on this year’s champion, it won’t have the VolleyDaWgs underneath. But when the confetti has fallen and the tears have dried, there will still be something left of this season. That is the incredible thing about this season. It will always be a part of history. You guys will last forever.

To Jessica, Gabby Waden, Margaret Dean, Gabby Coulter, Deja Robinson, Alden Willis and Callie Minshew, thank you so much for taking a chance on this program. Thank you for buying in, making history and kicking ass. When I think of volleyball, I will always think of y’all. Thank you so much, for everything.

Hail State!