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No. 10 Mississippi State at Ole Miss Women’s Basketball Preview

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The Bulldogs travel to Oxford in hopes of taking down the rival Rebels to round out SEC play. MSU Athletics

Broadcast Information

The game is at 1:40 p.m. CT and can be watched on the SEC Network.

What to Watch For

Andra Espinoza-Hunter in transition

With 13 points off the bench against the Razorbacks, Espinoza-Hunter is coming alive at the right time. While Espinoza-Hunter is known to be a sniper from distance, she has become lethal in transition. As the Bulldogs are most successful when they play fast, expect Espinoza-Hunter to get her share of minutes against the Rebels.

Aliyah Matharu in the third quarter

Matharu, though streaky at times, is a lethal shooter anywhere on the floor. Fresh off a season high 18 point performance in 38 minutes, Matharu will likely see the floor more often than not. Look for Matharu to put on a clinic in the second half, particularly in the third if the game gets close.


Mississippi State beats Ole Miss 78-60