Week 5 Predictions: Maroon and white edition?

Well, we got more frustration last week. This week State travels to Aggieland, so we'll see how that goes. Despite the huge amounts of hype the Aggies always receive during the off season, they currently only hold an 5-4 edge against the Dogs since joining the SEC. Will they extend it?

Last week I went 6-2, bringing my total to 37-6.

Ole Miss vs Alabama (-14.5)

Is the hype real? Are the rebearsharks the real deal, true contenders for the West and maybe even the CFP?


Bama 48, Ole Piss 35.

Arkansas vs Georgia (-18.5)

Arkansas is the surprise team of the season. They've played VERY well up to this point, but have they improved enough to take down elite teams like Georgia? I don't think so. I think the Hogs will play a solid game, but in the end those other Bulldogs are looking like they might actually be the best team in the SEC.

Georgia 31, Arkansas 14.

Florida (-8.5) vs Kentucky

I think this line is somewhat disrespectful to Florida. After getting off to a hot start (against poor competition) Kentucky has looked pretty pedestrian. Florida meanwhile has looked solid, especially in their game against Bama. I think the Gators get a solid win here.

Florida 35, Kentucky 17.

Auburn vs LSU (-3.5)

This is probably the most difficult game to predict this week. This is the definition of a toss up. Neither team is where they wanted to be and both have struggled and just barely got to their 3-1 records. I'll go with LSU since it's a home game for the Corndogs, but I don't feel great about it.

LSU 24, Auburn 21.

Tennessee vs Mizzou (-2.5)

This is another tough one. Neither team plays defense so this should be a very high scoring affair. I think Tennessee has looked marginally better down the stretch, but not by much.

Vols 45, Miz 42.

Troy vs South Carolina (-6.5)

Troy is one of those sneaky little teams that power 5 teams really hate to see on the schedule. That being said, they also just lost to ULM. I think the Cocks win here but not by as much as you'd probably expect.

Cocks 28, Troy 14.

UConn vs Vanderbilt (-14.5)

You read that correctly. Not only is Vandy favored over an opponent, they're favored by two scores. That should tell you something about what an absolute trash fire UConn is at the moment. Still, they played their best game of the season last week in a 24-22 loss to an undefeated Wyoming team when a 2-point conversion attempt failed. I'll pick Vandy to win but I think there's a real chance UConn gets their first win of the season here.

Vandy 28, UConn 21.

Aaaaaand now for the one that matters...

Mississippi State vs Texas A&M (-7.5)

Well, this isn't where we wanted to find ourselves at this point of the season. The chance for a bowl game gets slimmer by the week and the same problems from last year keep popping up like an old injury. A win against the Aggies would be HUGE, both in getting to the off season and honestly, for morale as well. Both the team and the fanbase REALLY need a win.

Offensively, the Aggies are remarkably poor. Their back up QB has shown why he's the back up, but let's not kid ourselves and act like the Aggies were amazing on that side of the ball even with their starter. Essentially, we're going to see a game between two teams, both in maroon and white, who will struggle on offense and play very solid football on defense. This could be a very low scoring one.

As much as I want to, and as much as it pains me to say it, I just can't honestly say I'm expecting State to win this game. Through four weeks, the Aggies have the 3rd best passing defense in the country. It's going to be tough sledding for Rogers and crew. I think the Aggies find one more scoring opportunity than State does and win a nail biter.

Aggies 20, State 17.

Prove me wrong, Bulldogs. 3-2 sounds a lot better than 2-3.

Hail Damn State.

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