Week 6 Predictions: Bye Week Edition

Last week was actually sort of fun. Shame next week won't be.

I went 5-3 last week, bringing my total to 42-9.

Georgia (-16.5) vs Auburn

Georgia is built different this year. It could be a special one for the other Bulldogs. I don't think Auburn has enough fire power to even threaten here.

Georgia 31, Auburn 13.

Arkansas vs Ole Piss Weevils (-6.5)

Welcome to the Rebound Bowl. Both teams got destroyed by the best two teams in the country last week so they'd love to follow that up with a win. This one looks like a toss up to me, so I'll go with the Hogs in a tight one.

Arkansas 35, Ole Piss 28.

Alabama (-17.5) vs Texas A&M

After all that talk and all the hype, we're about to watch the Aggies start off the season in SEC play 0-3. How much longer do you think Jimbo will stay in College Station?

Bama 38, Aggies 14.

LSU vs Kentucky (-3.5)

Man, it's weird to see Kentucky favored over LSU. It's even more weird that I agree with it. I think Kentucky is probably the better team here and it's a home game for the Cats, so I think they get the dub here.

UK 28, LSU 24.

South Carolina vs Tennessee (-10.5)

This is the week where we find out how good Tennessee is actually. They looked great against Mizzou, but Mizzou is pretty inept, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Meanwhile, South Carolina struggled to put away the Troy Trojans last week but to be fair, Troy is known as one of those pesky little teams that sometimes give better teams trouble. Regardless, I think Tennessee wins by a couple of scores here.

Tennessee 35, South Carolina 21.

Vanderbilt vs Florida (-38.5)

The Mighty Fightin' Mullens get themselves a breather after getting rocked by the Cats. Vandy just isn't able to compete at an SEC level yet so I don't expect much of a game here.

Florida 45, Vandy 13.

North Texas vs Mizzou (-17.5)

Mizzou got mollywhopped by Tennessee last week, but a limping North Texas team could be exactly what the doctor ordered. UNT has already lost three games to FBS opponents this year and this will make it four.

Mizzou 42, UNT 21.

Aaaaaand now for the one us sane folks care about...

Oh wait, bye week. Guess we'll just have to watch Bama beat up on the Aggies instead.

I'll go ahead and look forward to something I think most of us don't really want to think about all that much. Bama looks pretty great this season and I don't expect the Aggies to tire them out much for us.This is one of the games that I'm worried about State being able to score at all in, much less be competitive.

It's a huge chance for Leach to prove this whole experiment has a chance of actual success. Even a somewhat competitive game would be a pretty massive moral victory.

Looking even further ahead, let's evaluate the Dog's chance at a bowl game right now. Assuming the stars don't align and State doesn't shock the world, they'll be heading to Vanderbilt at 3-3. There's zero reason to assume we lose that game, so 4-3. That means we only need to find two more wins against the likes of Kentucky, Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee State, and Ole Miss.

Wanna hear something crazy? I think if State plays clean and brings it like they did (for the most part) against the Aggies, I think there's a slim chance State could actually win every single one of those games. I don't see a single team there State has absolutely zero chance of beating. Of course, it's more likely that State will win a couple and drop the rest, but finding two wins in that line up is absolutely doable.

Let's do it and go bowling. Long live the streak.

Hail Damn State

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