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It’s time to embrace the SEC West ending in a six-way tie

The door to an unholy conclusion remains ajar.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 30 Kentucky at Mississippi State Photo by Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Southeastern Conference’s Western Division has been chaotic this season, and it now stands on the brink of total implosion.

Last week, several articles popped up detailing how the SEC West could end in a beautifully horrific six-way tie. Multiple games this past Saturday had the ability to derail this cataclysmic event, but nay, the six-way tie survived the weekend.

Arkansas outlasted LSU in the boot game, Ole Miss handled Texas A&M and Auburn witnessed the consequences of man’s depravity firsthand as it watched a 25-point lead evaporate at the hands of Mississippi State.

So, now with just two weeks remaining in the regular season, it’s time to get serious. It’s time to put our faith in the six-way tie because, my friends, we are one surprise result away from this being very possible.

Dare I even say likely? No. No, not likely. But honestly maybe. Before I get too eager, let’s tackle the aforementioned surprise result.

Arkansas has to upset Alabama.

No, no, stop. Don’t leave. Listen.

This result is the least likely, but it’s honestly not terribly farfetched. This Alabama team is not your typical Nick Saban product. It’s rather impressive that the Tide only has one loss so far this season.

Alabama’s loss to Texas A&M was not your typical Saban loss. Alabama caught goofy breaks in that game as well, not just the Aggies. Alabama’s two-point win over Florida grows moldier with each passing week. And don’t forget that Alabama just struggled mightily with an LSU team that’s been absolutely putrid at times this season.

Arkansas can absolutely win this game, but you also better believe that Saban is going to use that sloshy game against LSU to his advantage.

But here I am stating that I believe it’s possible for the hogs to pull it off.

For kicks and giggles, let’s say Arkansas puts together a mild act of God and that the Razorbacks do the thing. After that it gets fun, real fun.

Here’s what else will have to go down:

Ole Miss must beat Vanderbilt (yeah, we’re good here, moving on).

Auburn must beat South Carolina (I feel pretty good about this one too. Not as good. But good).

Mississippi State must beat Ole Miss (This is a crapshoot. We’re at the mercy of two college football lords of chaos. Say your prayers).

Arkansas must beat Missouri (If Arkansas upsets Alabama and then ruins this by turning around and losing to Missouri then I might cry).

Auburn beats Alabama (we all know this is one of those years, right? We all know Auburn is winning this game, we’re just not saying it out loud yet). Author’s note: Oh, look at that, I see here that Auburn quarterback Bo Nix is likely to miss the rest of the regular season. Let’s, um, just ignore that and keep going. Haha. Sad.

Texas A&M beats LSU (I simply feel good about this one too).

So, there you have it. The six-way tie is not that far off from possibility, and I am ready to offer it my heart. I know it will be crushed. I know, but I am a college football fan who wants to live and believe in things that are truly abhorrent, like a six-way tie.

Also, I believe if the plethora of tie-breakers be sorted out, Auburn would be declared the SEC West winner.

So, yeah, this is happening.