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GAME PREVIEW: Mississippi State vs. Texas Tech

Here’s what you need to know before tonight’s Liberty Bowl matchup

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

This game is all about momentum into 2022.

That is all a bowl game is about unless you are in the College Football Playoff. Wins are important because it gives your team momentum as they head into the next college football season. That’s what the Liberty Bowl is for Mississippi State. A momentum boost.

Will Rogers could set a Liberty Bowl record... and he needs to.

The passing yards record for the Liberty Bowl is 432 yards. This record was set in 1982 by Tony Eason from Illinois. 432 yards. I know a guy who can break that record. His first name rhymes with Bill.

Remember when Dak Prescott faced off against Rice in the Liberty Bowl?

283 yards, 3 passing TD’s, 78 rushing yards, and 2 rushing TD’s... Wow. Not only did Dak Prescott go off in the 2013 Liberty Bowl, he set the stage for 2014 when he led Mississippi State to be #1 in the nation.

Keys to victory (Mississippi State):

  • Put the Egg Bowl behind you and look towards 2022.
  • Run your offense like the second half of the Auburn game.
  • Don’t let Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium haunt you.

Keys to victory (Texas Tech):

  • Don’t let Will Rogers get hot.
  • Balance the offense as they did against Baylor.
  • Pay Mike Leach his money.

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