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Women’s Basketball: Which Razorback should the Bulldogs fear most?

NCAA Womens Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament - Texas A&M vs Arkansas Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

As she is one of the game’s best scoring guards, Dungee is Arkansas’ primary weapon.

Having posted a season-high 37 points against UCONN, it is clear that the Bulldogs must be at their best defensively. If unable to hold Dungee in check, Mississippi State could be in for a long night. Look for head coach Nikki McCray-Penson to make the necessary adjustments.

The Razorbacks can easily get on a scoring tear, as Dungee will be sure to take advantage if the Bulldogs are unable to protect an early lead. Expect Arkansas coach Mike Neighbors to have his squad running on all cylinders from opening tip.

Hail State!