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Women’s Basketball: Who will be the X-factor at Arkansas? MSU Athletics

A reliable scorer, Aliyah Matharu has emerged as a potent offensive threat from anywhere on the floor.

Under head coach Nikki McCray-Penson, Matharu has improved into a consistent shooter. As she scorerd a season-high 19 points against Kentucky, Matharu is capable of getting on a scoring roll in big moments.

The Razorbacks are an offensive juggernaut and the Bulldogs must put on an offensive clinic to keep up. If able to do so, it will be in large part due to Matharu’s offensive prowess.

While she is quick and able to get through the lane, Matharu is most dangerous from beyond the arc. Look for her to be a factor from distance. As she can set the tone early, expect her to attempt multiple shots and dictate pace alongside star point guard Myah Taylor.

Hail State!