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Mississippi State Football: What does Kylin Hill bring to Green Bay?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

As Kylin Hill is the latest addition to an already crowded backfield, the Packers have significantly bolstered their running attack.

Hill is a gifted hybrid back who can be a factor in both the running and passing game. Green Bay’s Aaron Jones boasts finesse while AJ Dillon prides his game on power. While at Mississippi State, Hill showcased his versatility. He proved to be an all-around back whose pass-catching skills jumped off the screen.

Under the stewardship of head coach Matt LaFleur, look for Hill to see the field and be incorporated into multiple offensive schemes. As he brings toughness and strong leadership skills, Hill will fit right in. Alongside Jones and Dillon, Hill has the perfect mentors. Expect him to learn quickly and have a promising rookie season.