Omaha Bound again, again, and again

We all know what this means. Yes that's right, road trip! Load up the truck Jethro, we going to a party. I'm looking forward to getting the same seats we had in 2018 and 2019. We had a camera man right next to us. We kept giving him money to point out the pretty girls around the stadium. Many people were very appreciative of us thinking of the homefolks.

What a great series against Notre Dame. The whole crew was together this weekend. Bubba Earl, The Tupelo Flash, Slammy Sammy Williams ( a great American and maybe the greatest junk food junkie the world has every seen), Two Fingers Freddy Mcgrath ( got his nickname while in Mexico sampling the local moonshine), Ray Parker (my college roommate freshman year at #HailState and of course Lefty Nelson ( lost his right hand in a bass fishing accident, a long story but really funny), and of course all the wives and girlfriends. It was an absolute blast. The first game had all the lead changes, Notre Dame committed a pot full of errors, security showed up and told Flash to quit giving the Notre Dame fans crap about their lack of knowledge of rasslin. One of the Fighting Irish fans said that Ric Flair was better than Jerry "The King" Lawler. Flash responding that Flair wasn't no better than a sissy welfare queen. Before you could say another Tanner boy just hit a homer, the fight was on. We broke it up before it got serious, and I made Flash apologize to our guests. He did and gave them a six pack and said that Flair wasn't no sissy but The King will always be the best. Bubba Earl said that if anybody decided to slander Elvis Presley, he was whipping some butt and he didn't care what colors you had on. Somehow we won the game, nobody got whipped in the stands and the only pain was from the sunburn that Slammy Sammy acquired cause he likes to show off his "God bless Merle Haggard" tattoo he got while in the Marine Corps back in the 80's.

The second game in the series was not any fun for the Maroon clad faithful. We, along with 14,000 of our closest friends, watched MSU get their heads handed to them on a silver platter. Flash stuck up a conversation with an old boy who said he invented the pop top on beer cans. I said if that's the truth then he is a true American hero. One of them points of light that King George II talked about. He said he was so wealthy that if a hundred dollar bill fell out of his pocket, it would cost him $110 to stop and pick it up. Two Fingers stated that he would pay the extra 10 cause 100 dollars was real money where he came from. Flash asked where he came from, and Two Fingers said his house. Nobody could ever get one over on that boy.

Then Monday night happened. Again 11,000 of my closest friends showed up and showed out. Hell of a game. We had been drinking all day. School spirit was especially strong last night. OMAHA bound . Those of us who could still stand upright sang the school song. It was marvelous display of so many voices singing off key. It was said coon hounds as far as Oktoc Road were joining in. Rowdy and Tanner led the way all season and again last night. Of course the other Tanner got his name in the papers too. Landon Sims will probably be a starter next season, cause that youngin is just flat good. All in all it was a night to remember for some of us. Bubba Earl was unnaturally quiet all day/night. He said he was saving the energy for Nebraska. I said it was the one state where we had only collected a few tickets. As far as I know we don't have any outstanding warrants. So, we will be reporting in later this week from the Midwest and seeing how many farmers daughters we can talk to about rasslin and other important topics.

Until then.............we are OMAHA bound

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