The Boys of Summer

Last night's game was epic. Our heroes in maroon and white beat the burnt orange longhorns 2-1. Bednar and Sims sounds like an American folk band. They could be cause they played some good string music last night. Really though, they could be house painters. Painted both corners and the middle of the plate while whitewashing those ugly orange uniforms. I have to be honest and say the Tejas brand of orange ain't near as ugly as the Tennessee orange is. Come Tuesday afternoon the baseball world will go blind looking at all that ugliness on one field.

Speaking of the Tennessee Fighting Peyton Mannings, they got pantsed by the Virginia Tobacco Growers. Normally I would tell you that smoking is bad for you. Not this time however. The Vol u n teers got smoked and looked incredibly bad in the process. Bubba Earl was telling anyone who would listen that the mighty SEC has come to take the town and play championship ball. Then Tennessee happened. Virginia looked like world champs yesterday. Tupelo Flash called his bookie before the 3rd inning and put the milk money on the Tobacco growers to win, place, and show. I noticed a couple of really nice looking blondes a couple of rows below us. They had on overalls but believe it or not they had all their teeth. So naturally we took the time to say hello. They were both from Arkansas. They said they were so sure they would be calling Hawgs at the CWS, went ahead and bought all game tickets. We shared the homemade hootch we snuck into the game and that seemed to raise their spirits somewhat. By the time our beloved Bulldawgs played the ugly orange uniforms, they weren't calling Hawgs but they were calling Ralph in the girl's restroom.

I'm really looking forward to day 3 and 4 this week. Loser leaves town match is the early game each day. Flash and Bubba Earl have petitioned the Whitehouse to name June 13 every year as Will Bednar Day. Performances like his needs to be remembered with a day of beer drinking and girl chasing on every college campus. Yes I know that's what happens now but naming it would be the right thing to do. All Hail the Will!!

and with that until next time

PS: Glad to see the Sharks re signed their coach so OMAHA still will mean the same thing. Ole Miss At Home Again

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