A no hitter until it's not

A game for the ages. That was Sunday night. A game for the ages part 2 was last night. Part 2 had everything and then a whole lot of nothing. As in hits for our beloved Bulldogs. Tanner Allen couldn't buy a hit, as far as that went nobody else could either. Bubba Earl kept telling them to swing at the first pitch. Then in the 8th inning the kid freshman told Bubba Earl if he would shut up that he would swing at the first pitch. Swing he did. Put it in our bullpen out behind right field. They changed pitchers but that didn't help. Flash called his bookie and said put all the money on Tanner hitting a homerun. The bookie said Flash was an idiot, then asked what had he been watching for the last 2 hours. Flash said I have a feeling something big would happen. And it did. Tanner came up to bat with 2 on after Rowdey, R-o-w-d-ey, Rowdey smoked a double should've been a triple to center field. Baserunning mistake we got away with cause it's our year. Anyway, Flash hollered at him and said he had 2 grand riding. Hit the damn thing. First pitch was wayyyyyyy outside. I said Flash they're gonna walk him. He's the SEC player of the Year, who in their right mind would pitch to him? Virginia obviously has no one in their right mind in that dugout. 2nd pitch was a slider. Tanner, after the game said, he was sitting on the slider cause they ain't throwing no fastball to the SEC PLAYER of the YEAR. He hit that dang thing almost to Iowa. We all lost our collective minds. Flash was jumping so much he made Bubba Earl spill his Turkey and water. Bubba was just about to punch him when Flash says that was a $10,000 homerun. Bubba was heartbroke over the whiskey going to waste but said it was okay cause Flash was buying drinks the rest of the week.

The Virginia fans for the most part are classy. They did think it was funny when Bubba started the Maroon and white cheer backwards. He started with white. I told him to shut up and sit down. Then Bubba started to go on a rant about 'Merica, apple pie, vets, baseball ticket prices, and why the Pirate won't let the players drink while sitting on the sidelines. Bubba says to think about it for a minute. Corn, barley and oats, Beer is really just cornflakes in a can. Then this old drunk chick wearing a 'Hoos tshirt said something unkind to Flash. He responded with "I don't talk to Hoos or ho's either. I asked what she said. Flash told me she said that Virginia was the greatest team ever. Flash said she might as well said that rasslin was fake too. I told him to shut up. If Bubba Earl would've heard that we would've had a killing in the stands. Bubba takes his rasslin serious. And his baseball for that matter.

Stay tuned for more reports from our march to the championship

Until next time #HAILSTATE

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