I hate Covid and other Truths from the CWS

NC State played a heck of a game yesterday with about 5 players and 3 pitchers posing as players. Bubba Earl and Flash was cheering on the Wolfpack. They had to cause we were sitting right in the middle of about 20 coeds who made the trip. Beautiful blonde hair vixens who were giving their all for the team. jumping around so much Flash started singing the Jerry Lee Lewis classic love song Whole Lot of Shaking going on. I said dude that's not what the song means and he answered, just give me a minute. When the Wolfpack had their chance in the 7th, bases loaded, I thought we were going deaf what with all the screaming. And then nothing. Quieter than a funeral home in Big Creek. Bubba was disappointed cause the girls stopped bouncing. The announcer said we had an hour to make a beer run before the night game, so we did. I hate Covid. The Pack should've won that game. Just sad.

The nightcap was exciting. I wished we'd won but I guess it's good to face some adversity and see if we are the team of destiny. We in the stands did our best to keep the party going. The drunk chick in the 'Hoos shirt was still there. Cheering her team on to victory is what she said to me. I didn't have the heart to tell her her team lost a couple of days ago. She was having a big time especially when Flash said he forgave her for her comments earlier in the week. He keep feeding her gin and juice between innings. By the 8th she was ready to fight anybody who was cheering for Tejas.

I thought our magic had returned but it was not to be. Just ask NC State about leaving the bases loaded late. It always comes back to haunt you. Just like walking the leadoff batter.

We have tonight. We win tonight, or we better cause I hate watching other teams dogpile on the field. Only Dogs should do that, cause after all that's the American dream.

Until nest time #HailState

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